Auxiliary Input: Issues on the Tascam M2600


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Hello to everyone, happy new week!

I recently acquired a Tascam M2600 mixer for my studio and have been loving it, except for one hiccup: two of the auxiliary inputs seem to be on vacation, refusing to cooperate. Now, I'm not exactly an electronics whiz, and the idea of cracking open the console is a tad daunting. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any insights into what might be causing it? And more importantly, is it something I could potentially fix, or am I looking at a pricey repair job?

Looking forward to your thoughts and advice!

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First thing I would do is study the manual in depth. There’s always the possibility of a routing error, something not being switched properly.

At the very least you’ll understand the mixer better
If you're referring to the effects returns, I assume you know that you have to select a bus, either L-R or a submix. I'll also assume the other returns work. Given that, I would start with exercising the switches, pan controls and level knobs. If that doesn't produce some change, it might be time to open it up.

I'm literally running one of those as I type.


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Yeah, make sure you're not treating the Aux sends as inputs, because those are outputs. (Most people will know this but just in case it's your first mixer...) Clarification on exactly which socket you're using, and what you're using it for might be handy!
Once its clarified what the actual connection points are, you should be able to resolve any confusion, based on the previous replies above.

Unless a connector is loose due to rough handling, its more likely your issue is human error. I dont see anything labeled Aux Input in the operating manual for the 2600 MkII,
so unless the 2600 (non II) is different, it sounds like you're referring to either EXT inputs or the Aux Send- which has already been explained, is an output. Thus, if you were expecting to hear something and did not, its probably hooked up incorrectly.

Dont feel too bad, I am also in the learning process, and I realize that before I reach a more advanced stage of Understanding with time & practice, that if something does not seem to be working in a high quality Tascam mixer, its more likely to be my own error, rather than the mixer itself being at fault.

If its helpful, you can do as I do- read thru other Teac/Tascam op manuals- the easiest one Ive seen so far is for the M-06, its a basic mixer, but its a good starting point for building a foundation on signal routing. This particular model has diagrams with lines that trace around in a loop to show the signal flow visually. Maybe its a stretch, but in many ways, the same ideas are still there in the larger mixers, just in what seems like more complicated ways, but it can all be broken down into smaller modules, so to speak.

Ps: vintage online review: