Audio signals on Tascam DP-03SD


New member
I was wondering why the audio signal in my headset is so low when I am recording on my DP-03SD?
This happens on recording tracks as well as tracks previously recorded.
This happens through my speakers at times too and seems like I have to crank the faders when I really want to hear something.
Should I be running a pre-amp in between the signal?
It could be a couple of things.
1 You are recording at a very low level. What do your levels read? Can you adjust the trim to get more level?
2 Your microphone is putting out too low of a level, so you can't get a strong signal.
3 Your headphones have a low sensitivity. ie: the Beyer DT770s come in 32, 80 and 250 ohm versions. The 32 ohm versions work better with low output systems like cell phones or mp3 players.

If the mic is very low output, like an SM7b, you can use something like a Cloudlifter or Fethead. For tracks that have been mixed down and dumped to computer, you can easily boost the signal level using a program like Audacity.