Audio previews


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I would like to ask, with the Zoom H2N, can you actually access files in which the volume is shown on the device, but it is not actually saved? I was wondering if the device has any way of storing this data at all.

I know that saving and importing to another storage device other than the memory card is the most practical way to salvage input. The audio I am thinking of was possibly heard by the device. But either deleted, or not saved. It is quite the inconvenience, especially when it occurs on at least three occasions. I am just wondering if there any possibilities at all to attempt to recover it.

I'm not sure I understand the question. How does the H2n "hear" something, other than the 2 second buffer that is available as prerecording? Do you have a project set up and recording? If you don't actually start recording your project will have files that are essentially empty.

If there is any questions about what has been recorded, it should show up on the SD card. Plug it into a computer and see what's there.