Audio interface > PC > Wireless headphones output.

I have a cracking set of wireless headphones and would love to use them instead of having my wired ones hooked up to the audio interface for playback.

So far I'm set up like this.

Guitar > Fx pedal > Scarlett Solo AI (usb connection ) > PC > Bluetooth wireless headset.

Problem i'm having is that with listen turned on in sound settings I can hear my guitar but there is big delay... and its all one ear but this i know is due to being input 2 only required and will be listening to input 1 and 2.

I would normally have the normal set up when recording/using reaper.

But right now im just wanting to practice along to certain songs so not loading up my Daw or recording this is purely just wanting to plug it in and play along to some tunes on you tube.

Is it possible to get this working ? The SS has Asio but wont activate unless I open my Daw.

I've tried downloading Asio4all but makes zero difference as it wont load I'd imagine until i open my Daw... So is there a program or workaround for this ?


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There is normally a delay with bluetooth headsets. For most things, it's not noticeable, like listening to music. I see the same type of delay when watching videos with bluetooth when none exists with a wired set.

As for the Scarlett not using ASIO except for with the DAW, that seems strange. You should be able to select the input and output in Windows audio device settings. I use my Tascam interface for everything from Reaper to Media Player. The only program that won't use ASIO is Audacity (which is an issue with licensing, not a technical issue).