Audio Interface Comparison Chart

Awesome! Thanks a bunch. But you left the old image at the bottom? Don't need it twice. :D
That was a lot of work, I'm not surprised there are a few errors in it. If you go back can you make the note about the RME UCX's bus power with FW? Just change the N to a Y (FW) or something similar...

Lol I didn't leave the old image at the bottom, seems to be some sort of bug. Here's all I see when I edit the post:

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.12.02.png

File #90289 is the file that I uploaded to change the error. The original culprit (Chart #3 you called it, but I think here it would've been 88572 or something of the sort) is no where to be found in this edit post section, as you can see, yet for whatever reason, seems reposted in the OP as a separate attachment at the very bottom.

Also, since I didn't have your original files, I had to take a screenshot, get nifty on photoshop, and above all, FIND THE OVERLY EXCITED SMILEY! So, not exactly something that's my responsibility to do, BUT you went through so much work putting this up to help the HR community that I had to help, and will try and make your RME UCX change as well.

But if you see another extra chart randomly there due to some bug after editing, then you might have to go through and re-upload the original files (in which case, I would send you the 2 fixed charts). I'll keep you posted
I found out the discrepancy. It was because you used the 'attach files' tool and I used 'add image'. Anyway, everything should be good to go, with the duplicate removed and those 2 changes made. No more changes! ;)
Buzz kill: It's not displaying properly on my iPod touch.

It lists text-only titles of charts 1 - 7, then correctly displays image for just chart #8 (?) (starting w/ SM Pro Audio SM5E).

EDIT: It's AOK. Must be something about the way my 'pod loads images. It is displaying perfectly on my PC. Disaster averted!
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Don't want to be rude but the readability of the chart should be improved (everything summed up in one image instead of multiple big font images)... and the prices could be added. It's a great idea tho!
Don't want to be rude but the readability of the chart should be improved (everything summed up in one image instead of multiple big font images)... and the prices could be added. It's a great idea tho!

True, it can be improved from a formatting standpoint, but we're very grateful to the OP for taking the time to post this information and help the HR community. If you think you can do better, then by all means put another chart together and we can sticky that as well!
Prices are too volatile. Constantly up and down...I've considered doing a five $ system from Lexicon Alpha $ to RME Madiface $$$$$, I'm working on a more readable, but one image? That'd be a big spreadsheet. :)
I use a BOSS ME-80 as my guitar interface for the PC. It's got USB in and out, as well as MIDI/DAW control.

I also have an iRig HD guitar interface that works very well. It has USB for PC, as well as Lightning interface for iOS devices.
Any Chance you can make your Spreadsheet available for Download?


This is GREAT work. Can you do us/me a favor?

So that I do NOT have to type all this data in a sheet myself, can you make or post a link to download the original spreadsheet? You might even be clever and use a Google Sheet, make it public, and aloow users to suggest updates/edits so we can have a community-maintained version of your sheet?

I know this post is at least 2 years old, but I am looking for a PC interface for my guitar, and most of the data is still relevant. IF I had the sheet, I could update and even add some new models or specs for the existing units?

Just my suggestion,


Many here will know of my reccy of the NI KA6 interface? There seems to be a new kid on the block, the Zoom UAC-2.

The Man from Scan has A/B'ed the two and reports the Zoom to have marginally better converter quality, it also has low latency and good drivers.

It is however about the same price as the KA6 but lacks that interface's second pair of balanced line inputs, outputs and S/PDIF. It does have MIDI so I would recommend it as a later generation AI with probably the best sound quality you are going to get sub £200. The NI is however STILL the only game in town if you want 4 in 4 out and digital.

This looks great (even if somewhat dated) but when I download it's totally unreadable. Anyone able to grab a readable version (and how)?
The 200, 600 and 1200 are actually dropped from TEAC's lineup, but I'll get the 322 and 366. Was doing this for newbs to use as a reference for interfaces to buy.
Hi everyone, newbie on the forum - did a little introduction in the relevant thread :)

Wondered what your thoughts are on the Arturia Audiofuse? It's my current interface, managed to get a good deal on ebay - it has pretty nice specs, a lot of inputs for the size, ADAT, nice pre-amps etc. and IMO a nice design and some other cool features!

Could possibly add it to the chart at the top?