Attn Sony Experts:


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Hello! I love my Sony Acid Studio a lot. I make, in my opinion, quality recordings. I play a Casio WK-2000 keyboard, a Hamer bass, And a Epiphone SG , and a Fender 12 string electric. I have many hours of fun , being retired and living in Taiwan w/ my wife. I join w/ other ex-pats from all over asia , Australasia, NZ, and we send backing tracks around to each other and turn them into works of art...
The only problem I have is when I try to load my, works of art, onto a CD and I can only put one song at a time on one CD I have to use a CD writer. I feel like I am stuck in a back water location . No one seems to be savvy enough to really know what a Dilema I have here trying to record an entire Repitoire (sic) . I know it states CD burn at once and all that stuff but it never seems to work. Are CD,s listed as Cro-Magnon now? Something new is out there to replace the CD?:confused:

Does anyone understand my Problem?
CDs? I remember those...

Using "disc at once" burns a complete disc and finalizes it. If there's a "track at a time" option, use that.

And there's no reason you have to use Acid to burn the disc. You can render your mixes to a wav file and burn them using other software. Note that if your projects are at some other setting than CD quality (44.1kHz, 16 bit) you can't burn audio discs without converting. But that's fine because the person receiving them doesn't need to play them in a CD player, just import them to their project. In fact, definitely burn data discs rather than audio discs, and render your backing tracks at the same rate/bits as the project. Be sure everybody sharing is also using that same setting.

But why are you using CDs at all, even for the final product? The internet is faster/better/easier, and USB memory sticks work when the internet doesn't.
Thanks for the words, I appreciate your or anyone's advice right now, so what other software would be OK for wavefile? Do I need any? And a magic stick is ok but I have been told that the recipient of a USB must have a Sony Acid set up in their rig?
If you're simply sharing a stereo backing track file you can all use different DAWs. The other way to do it is for everyone to have the same DAW and share all the raw tracks plus the project file. Either way it doesn't matter how the files are shared.

Your OS should be able to burn a data disk without having to resort to a third party program.