Attention Gear Manufacturers!


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To all gear/equipment constructors or manufacturers:

As you know directly advertising your products on HR is forbidden. If you want to advertise, just buy advertising. Though it's no problem to add your business to your signature link and indirectly talk about it in forum discussions without pimping your products too much.

However, there is an opportunity for you to be included in Audiofanzine's gear database as a way to promote yourself.

Step 1: PM with a request to create your brand. Please add your website too for reference.

Step 2: I will confirm when this is done and you can go ahead and create all your products on Audiofanzine and attach them to your brand.

Step 3: Once this is done you can request your customers or users to write user reviews of your products, you can also upload vids, photos of your products.

Step 4: Anytime you have big news such as a product release or upgrade you can email your press release to and we will publish it on the homepage as a news item.

If you don't know what Audiofanzine is go to .

Thank you!
Software is included here in the definition of 'gear'. If you have services to offer (as opposed to products), the same rules apply except we obviously can't add you to the gear database on Audiofanzine, since it's products only.