Assignable effects won't open in Acid Music Studio 8.0


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So lately I've been having this weird problem where my assignable effects won't open. Usually there's a little green button (next to the track name and volume slider, among several other little icons), and when clicked it opens a window in which I can add, remove, and edit my assignable effects for that track.
A few days ago, I was working on a track, and I tried to add an effect. But when I clicked the icon, the window didn't open. I mean, I know SOMETHING happened, since the Acid window got deselected, but the assignable effects window didn't open.
I can still add and remove the effects by right clicking the green icon, and selecting "Plug-in Chooser", but this won't allow me to view the sliders and other things with which I can edit the effect. It's an extremely frustrating enigma, and any help in solving it would be greatly appreciated.
I'll add a screencap below:
Acid Music Studio Screencap.PNG
Yeah, I'm still running XP, don't laugh at me.