Armrest added to studio desk


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I just added an armrest to my studio desk. My chair's arms are just a bit lower than the desk's top, and my arm - when rested on the RH side - is still about a half-inch below. So when using the mouse, my wrist was still levering on the desk's edge. This armrest is flush with the desk top.

It swivels to accommodate and also flips down, but then it's still in the way of my knee at times. That's ok though, it's worth the trade-off. The surface is padded but they threw in a 9.5" x 8.0" square pad which isn't mentioned on Amazon's page. Nor was there any documentation or paperwork of any kind in the package describing this pad or it's intended use. It's like a mousepad with a rubberized gripping surface on one side, and a very fine, smooth mesh on the other. I don't need a mousepad, so I'm using it for additional padding on the armrest.

The armrest is basically just holding up my elbow and forearm, with my wrist and hand on the desk's top, over the trackball. I don't lean on it like a chair armrest, just rest my arm on it. Seems sturdy enough. Because the desk's frame is 1" square iron and the desk's top sits on top of it, the underside of the desk's top is 1" from the underside of the frame. This allows only half of the armrest's clamp to grip (the frame) - I'm going to scrounge up a scrap piece of 1 x to slip under there.

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