Are those eBay USB Omnisphere deals from JP legit


It is a life preserver
Normally Omnisphere is $500. However if you looked around , you might have found online Japan sellers doing Omnisphere for $350. That is much cheaper than current sales around here. Anybody know if they are legit? Are there problems with JP software or licensing the JP software in different regions? I don't think the Spectrasonic licenses are transferable. This could be problems with an open box or something.

$150 off is a nice break in price. I dont know. eBay is usually pretty safe for the buyer. I can wait for the USB thing in the mail, and take the savings.

$479 is best around, but Japan has $350?

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Software from abroad is a great way of circumventing Countrie's tax and import costs. Here in the UK, if you buy it here 20% of the price is tax, paid by a UK seller to the Government's collectors. If a seller takes your money in Japan, and lets you download the product, then that 20% won't get paid. Only you know you defrauded your Government. I'd imagine the only issue with licencing would be if people who care, notice your email address or shipping address - with VPNs you can be in any country electronically?

There is of course always the issue that the software could be stolen, or distributed against the terms and conditions. People pop up on ebay with Windows licences and they're usually valid, but of course windows hates transferring licences, so usually you can install them, activate them and they are fine, permanently. Ebay then get a complaint, and the seller is shut down. They then resurface next week with a new name. It's not really even illegal? If your windows office computer dies and you buy another, you are allowed to reactivate - so the licence is valid. Tricky, isn't it.
so the licence is valid. Tricky, isn't it.
Yes. Omnisphere, is one where I want to be able to update it online.

I am against piracy, and don't mind paying for good softwares.

EZDrummer is doing another upgrade too, they are on the 3rd version now. In support of the media, I was also looking to upgrade that one. What you said Rob, about the taxes and what not. Right on. The UK seller has the download the cheapest. $77USD no tax instant download. That is a nice deal, less than and EZX module for the upgrade.
The country stuff is really confusing - I'm VAT registered so must add 20% to anything I sell, unless I ship overseas. Then I can 0% it, but so many things get in the way. If I get it wrong, I can be made to pay, what I didn't charge!