Are there less newbie questions here now?


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Wait until a couple days after Christmas...

Yeah right!

"Noobs" HAVE changed since I joined HR. We now get peeps asking "I have an Apollo and 6 Pultecs in a rack with some Neve pres and I am having trouble getting it working with PT".

THAT ^ is not a NOOB! But a rich t**t trying to freeload information when he should be employing a tech!



People are using youtube more and more to find answers from so-called 'experts'. It's easier for them to watch than to read.

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I joined this forum about a year and a half ago and have been the biggest procrastinator ever. I bought some gear, downloaded Reaper, futzed with it a little, and had good intentions, then life gets in the way.

Had to move a bunch of junk out of a spare bedroom to get that room set up and all that junk landed in my misic room / studio. Really hard to get inspired to go in there with stuff all over the place and in the way. It's some good stuff I don't want to throw out but no place else for it so I surrendered to it. I'm great at planning but suck at execution, so I am HOPING to get off my dead ass and get sorted SOON. When I do, I will be back here with lots of questions I'm sure.

I still get on here daily and read alot of posts and listen to tunes in the clinic. Even when I'm not actually doing any recording, I'm still learning by osmosis. I have an acoustic in a stand next to my easy chair, and reach for it about twice a week to fiddle with some ideas, or play along with the tv commercials. Occasionally I come up with an interesting rif or idea and will record it on my iPhone just so I won't forget it. My wife hounds me to get back to it with the music, but my day job is very stressful and I'm worn out by the time I get home.

I'm going to stop whining and being lazy and get myself straightened out, at least I keep telling me that, and when I do, I hope to contribute more here. I still think this is a great site!


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People are using youtube more and more to find answers from so-called 'experts'. It's easier for them to watch than to read.

Youtube, facebook, and google searches in general have greatly diminished the role ALL forums seem to be playing online in the past 10 years. I don't suspect this trend to change either. :-/


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We finally did it, everybody! We finally answered every noob question out there! Hi fives!