Are the drum loops in Garage Band good to go?


for the noob like me who is not a drummer and have never really done much with drum tracks, are the drum loops in Garage Band already mixed and tweaked and ready to go? Sorry if this is a bone-head question, I really don't know anything about them. I see all these youtube videos about mixing etc and the number of drum busses some projects is new territory to me. Granted I think these are live drums and not loops.

Are the Garage Band loops actual drums recorded and mixed et al and ready for immediate consumption, is my real question I guess.
They are processed well- you could throw them on a track and they’d be fine for home recording imho. So if you’re hoping to do more writing and less mixing, they’re good for that.
I'm from the future (March 2019) and I'm traveling back into the recent past to give some insight into what the future holds. Skip Garageband/Logic Loops and learn how to use the built in drummer. It works and sounds much better and gives you a fairly impressive set of editing controls. You will have a bit of a learning curve, but in the end it's well worth the trouble.