APC mini Live 8 configuration problems

Weasel Squeezer

New member
Hi there,

I have just got an APC mini but have read that live 8 does not support it's midi scripts. Pretty pissed off as it is meant to just plug and play. Something about phython scripts which completely goes over my head. Does anyone know of a patch which will allow me to use my APC with Live 8?


I don't know the APC Mini but I had a similar problem with my Samson Graphite 25 controller. The manual made it look like it was a matter of plugging it in, telling Live about it, and twiddling knobs to control parameters. Nothing I tried would make it do that.

I did a Google search and eventually found a website that suggested that the controller used MIDI port 5 for Remote Control of Live and port 1 for transmitting MIDI note information (the Graphite 25 is a keyboard with control knobs, pads, and so on).

Once I put in the correct values for Control Surface and Input in the MIDI Preferences, and turned on Remote for Input port 5, it now works perfectly.

I'm not sure if any of this is of any relevance to your APC Mini but I offer it for consideration.
Hi Garry,

Cheers for that. I have been able to map some functions however The APC is designed to integrate fully with the ableton interface (which is the most infuriating thing) and I think there are some features which would be hard to map manually. I am really looking for some kind of patch or driver update.

Thank you