Anyone Using the AKAI DPS multitrack system?

Who is still using the AKAI multitracker?

  • Yes - I hate the I/O but the preamps cook.

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  • Still have it around here somewhere - Yeah, over there holding up the laser printer.

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  • Never. Are you kidding?

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  • I didn't know AKAI made cars

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New member
Inquiring minds are curious. I still have my DPS16. The I/O is dreadful but the preamps are fine, fine, fine.
So - anyone else still using the DPS16 or the DPS24(drool)?

Dave Holmes

New member
DPS12i was my first foray into digital and replaced (sort of) my Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

I actually only sold it a year ago after several years of neglect... Recently bought an mpc500 so regretting that now...

I seem to be acquiring more and more hardware recently and have considered dropping a load on the DPS24 but more likely to go for a Yamaha AW4416 if I go that route...

Most of my stuff starts in Maschine so I'd have to midi up and track out...