Any Other National Freaks Out There


Número sesenta nueve
Personally, I'm an addict. It started long ago and far away when I snagged an old 1930's Style O. It sounded like crap and had a huge dent in the shoulder. But the palm trees combined with the stink of bath tub gin made it a dream guitar. It cost me under $400 in the late 70's and, like a lot of guitarists, I sold it out of pure misguided boredom.

Since then, I've just bought newer models from the "new" National company. I love them although the prices just keep going up and up. Hopefully, that will be reflected in the resale value when I again sell them out of boredom. :D


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I love your pics, !!!
Wishing is all I am able to do,..... but, that is what part of Jamfest is all about....
Trying other peoples gear.....
I love the sound of a well played National Tri-cone !!!
Just can't see spending what it costs to own one..... Fixed income sucks....