"Animal", a synth rock song


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Hi all- hoping you can help me iron out any issues with this one before I put it on Soundcloud. Songwise, sort of a departure from what I usually do, hoping it's going a good direction. I used "Helena Beat" as reference.

Thanks in advance!

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Real good Nick, even better than the last one. I'm getting a Moody Blues feeling. Great melody and atmosphere. Snare is too heavy for me. Likewise the synth, especially in the chorus. You could dial it back. The mix feels close. It needs air.


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Mix sounds pretty balanced to me.. the snare seems a little dry and the tom fills stick out a little for me, but that might have more to do with genre.. and I'm fishing. :)


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I think it sounds great. I love the bass and drums tone on this. It a heavy bottom but it works IMO. On the synths, I think they could be dialed back when they are competing with the vocal but left loud in between the vocal lines. ...they sound cool.
You have a real 80s vibe going on this and I dig it.
nice work


Good sound overall, I'd like more guitar in the chorus. Snare is just a touch loud, and the kick doesn't have much feel to it in the bridge, seems ok the rest of the time. The end seems disjointed - not everything stops together.


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Thanks for listening guys! I'm experimenting with some fixes, will post a new version tonight or tomorrow I hope.


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Think I got things addressed. I ended up doing an eq notch/boost to get the vocals to come through the synths/guitars. It's not night and day but it's better. Spent a lot of time figuring that one out, I'm gonna have to try out some dynamic eq instead next project. . .

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Vocals are clearer in the verse, still a bit low for me in the chorus. Synths are more in scale with the rest of the mix now. Definitely an improvement over the first mix.


Checked out mix 2

Good mix overall.

Clean low end. Bass has good punch and kick supports it well. The kick is not so much of an audible element on it's own, but I don't think it necessarily should be. It is effective at supporting the low end right now.

The overall sense of gel and ambiance are both good. Subjectively good relative levels.

I felt that there were awkward tom rolls in a couple spots and the kick starting at 2:59 seems to be taking away from the flow and vibe of the song.

Top end is a little underserved when the hats and ride are being played. There is no 'ting' and no 'ringing'.

Mids are clear. The focus shifts between the vocals and the mid focused synth at the right times and this keeps the mix interesting and dynamic. Good air to the synth and the vocals.


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I listened to mix 2.

Generally it sounds good. The doubled-hard-panned vocal worked well. Usually it doesn't IMO. But this sounded good. Vocals have a little edge to them. Almost sibalence, but not exactly. But it's well sung. Nice harmonies too.

I thought the guitar had quite a bit too much gain dialed in. It was really fuzzy.

Drums are a bit mechanical.

Cool bass line. If it were me, I'd roll off just a bit of the low end.