and here's mine.


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Here is Alcove Studios.


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Perhaps I should have posted my photo instead of a link...
anyone care to tell me how?
this is how you do it.

you have to write a little code. if you want your picture at the top, above the writing, make it the first thing on the post...if you want it below the writing, then put it after the writing at the bottom....

so have to type in IMG or .gif /IMG
But make sure that you encase IMG with [] and /IMG with []. When people open your post, the image will appear.

I was just going back through all the guy's studios, and I'm still impressed by how organized (and fully stocked) this one is.

If you get a chance, post some pix of your axes!
Hey audioforgery,(I keep wanting to refer to you as 007, but I bet you have had about enough of that in your lifetime!) :)

I had wanted to post pictures of my guitars, but a couple of them are in ill repair. The Les Paul is naked and still recovering from a very bad illness. Aw sheesh, what the heck, I'll steal the digital camera back from my Fiance and post them on my site.
Thanks for the nice words about my studio!
That is about the only thing in my life that is organized. My bedroom and my car envy the hell out of the studio, that's for sure.
And I still want to hear some of your stuff ;)
I tried to get 007 on my license plates, but somebody else in the state of Texas already had it - can you believe that?

Anywho, I cruised around your site and found no guitars (except a bass head peaking into a couple of pictures) I LOVE sick guitars - healthy guitars are prissy and don't want to be touched. But sick guitars just want to jam! If I missed it by accident, send me the link, please.

I feel funny if there's not a good layer of grim built up from intense gigging. Hey, there's an idea - another forum called "Member's Axes" - judging from the responses I got concerning Carvin guitars, most guys have strong opinions about their guns. It would be great to see what everybody else is playing these days -- How about it, Dragon?
Hey Audioforgery,
I am trying to get pics of my guitars up. I have stolen the camera from my lady twice now; both with bad results. They are coming out bad. The problem lies with the fact that she has an old digital camera and the software is is PC. I am Mac guy. So i have to take the pictures here (without seeing how they look) and then take the camera to her place to download... anyway, it is a long process. My previous pics were just regular pictures that I scanned in. Maybe that is the way to go. But I am trying! I am proud of them, I realy am!