analog to digital


Sir Cool of Coronado
here's what I plan on doing: Record to 16 track analog tape, transfer all tracks to computer for editing, procesing etc...then mix down to either dat or tape again. what loss of quality should I expect going from tape to computer? if any? thanks.

Very little.

A lot of people prefer to go from the analog domain into digital for editing. Just have good cabling and you should have no problem.

What digital format are you going to use? ADAT's, DA-88's, Pro Tools, etc......

Everything about the quality of digital has to do with the A/D converters you are using. Crappy converters, bad reproduction. Good converters, good reproduction. I once succesfully transfered from a 1" Tascam machine to an ADAT, and found that the tracks retained their sound quite well (I will not mention what I thought about the quality of those tracks in the first place, as they were recorded at another studio, and I suspect that the engineer might have been off in la la land while tracking.... :) )

I doubt that you are going to really hear much of an difference though. And if you do, well, maybe you shouldn't mess with this transfer thing and take it to a studio that has some top-of-the-line Apogee's or Crainsong A/D converters.

Good luck.

Ed Rei
Echo Star Studio
okay, here's what I plan to do. record to analog (16 track 1/2" tape)then transfer to computer via 2 gadget labs wave 8*24. now I havent bought the wave 8*24's yet, but they seem like a good thing..also can someone recommend a good compressor, software or otherwise? has anyone know anything about the PreSonus ACP-88
8 Channel Compressor/Gate?

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That Presonus 8-Channel compressor is great if you need lots of comressors and gates. I use it every time I want to record a lot of drums. I use the compressors when I track, and the gates when I mix. I use the gates even on vocals as well (if I want that; a lot of times I don't), but the compressors I'd only use for drums unless I'm out of compressors for other intruments.