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Ummm . . . Oh, shoot . . . Hang on . . .

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Okay. Let me try again.

Here's an mp3 of a Hollydrift song released in 1992. This was during my minimalist period. Amazingly empty compared to what I'm working on these days

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A little too minimalist for me, but the recording was clean enough.
I think some of the percussion was a bit too bright while the bass seemed to be in the range of an electric guitar. Maybe a little less reverb on the vocal or some variation in reverb during the song would help.

I went to your website and didn't see any .mp3s available while seemingly being offered same on the home page. Did I miss something? And what are you working on now?

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No, there's only one mp3 link on my homepage and that's another one from '92. I'm currently working on a very thick sound. No not HEAVY, thick. You have to understand that most of what I do is not intended to be slick, hip or anything else. It's just intended to be what it is.