An Invitation to Soundpaint

Announcing Soundpaint™ - an advanced software technology designed with one goal. To offer the highest degree of realism possible for software music instruments.

Soundpaint (VST3, AU and Standalone) real-time renders all instruments with infinite dynamic velocity layers and repeated notes.

The Soundpaint engine tech has taken 8 years to develop.

Everything is built from the ground up, including a new proprietary audio format, Real-Time Samples™, that allows us to render instruments in real-time.

The engine uses all the natural (im)perfections of instruments and can sound completely realistic or synthetic. The gorgeous, simmering warmth of a true vintage synth. The true sensation of commanding a 127-layered piano on your keyboard (or 66.000 dynamic layers if you are Midi 2.0).

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Soundpaint also contains a large suite of analog-style effects, including many true analog models (including several algorithmic reverbs, true tape delays, organic distortions) and dozens more.

But perhaps most importantly, Soundpaint is designed to shorten the distance between thought and creation. Fast. Furious. Fun.

A workflow super optimized for music creation.

Ultra fast and minimalistic UI. Load-times virtually don't exist.

Infinite dynamic responses and no two notes will ever be the same.

Ability to find or create a new instrument of your imagination in less than 5 seconds.


Well ... Check these YouTube videos - exclusively made in Soundpaint.

We are inviting members of the public to our private BETA. We are especially interested in candidates with prior BETA testing experience of virtual instruments and with extensive experience with DAWs (ex. Logic, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper etc).

Write us at if you are interested in joining the Soundpaint BETA and tell us a bit about your past experience with BETA testing software instruments.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks Troels and Tawnia

Ps. We are releasing several new videos every week for Soundpaint leading up to the launch: