Amrather Development Studio


No digital camera yet, but here's the layout in any case.

drstawl, i think you're asking for trouble with those Pet Gold buckets - kitty might not realize they're empty! Question about the Pod - what does it sound like putting vocals through it? Somebody else asked that question a while back, but got no answer.
You're right. Besides being a true seismic hazard, it doesn't place the Event cones far enough from the 2 very active and very sharp sets of claws wandering this studio.
So far no unwelcome gifts on the speakers.
As to the vocals fed to a POD; you'll have to get an opinion from someone that sings. But it could be interesting. Ursula Dudziak used a vocal controlled synth that was quite tasty.
Hey Doc...
Aren't those 20/20's supposed to be at ear level? Judging from your diagram they are a bit close to the ground. I'd like to see a photo of your setup. By the way, Dragon, how do you go about posting a photo?
Yes indeed, they should be, but the sweet spot in the Event's field, while fairly narrow isn't as important as balance between the two channels. In my stenographers chair (also found in the dumpster) my ears are about a foot higher than the axis of the Events. But the height is perfectly adjusted for my cranial cavity when I'm meditating in front of my PC on the floor in full lotus position.
My only question is: what do you do with the 20/20's, cat litter buckets and deskjet printer when going for a beer in the igloo?
The igloo is just a decoy, much like the TEAC 5 mixer that I rescued from the dump. The cold beers are in the fridge; but when asked by some gawker eyeing my brewski to provide similar refreshment, I can honestly say that the cooler can't be opened while the studio is in use. Or in plainer language, they can buy their own and drink it at their house. I could make that even plainer and place it on a 4' x 8' sign above my studio, but I thought that was going too far.
Ah yes - I see you too have had nogoodnik friends visiting the studio only to manhandle your refrigerator for beverage. I used to have a drummer who would show up late, refuse to practice before working up a buzz, and then get too blazed to play. He was unceremoniously replaced by the GFX707.