Ampex Fineline F44 Question about Motor


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Hello, for the Ampex people. The motor is mounted with three bolts each of which has two bushings on either side of the front metal round plate. I've searched the service manual but I can't find an answer--and the part designation seems to be missing or mislabeled (see pics). My question is if these are supposed to be tightened down flush against the frame, or if they are set according to some other criteria. It appears that someone has put some glue or some adhesive to lock the nuts in place on the bolt, so that when I turn the nut with a wrench the entire bolt turns.

Additionally, if they are meant to be tightened all the way down, is the only way to do this to take off the front panel? I'm not really able to see the top side of the bolt let alone get anything in there to hold it in place if in fact that is what the situation requires.

The reason for my concern is that when I turn the machine on, the motor is vibrating against something. It is loose enough for me to be able to move around slightly and the vibrating sound stops, so I was hoping to see if tightening it down was the appropriate course of action.


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I’m really not at all familiar with any of the consumer line of Ampex machines. There is an email Listserv though you can sign up for at, and there are also a couple Facebook groups that would probably be helpful.