Ampex 440B - my transport panel wiring


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The Transport panel on my 440B failed. No function worked. I acquired a good (known working) replacement. Once installed everything came back EXCEPT the takeup motor won't start, no fast forward and no play/record motion. I suspect I mis-wired that side, not that the motor is bad. I'm looking for the color-coding on six wires coming out of the panel. Anyone know/have that, and/or close-up photos of that wiring?
“Six wires coming out of the panel…”

Can you be more specific or post a pic? There are a lot of wires that come out of the transport control box. Which six?


Wire coloring was not consistent, so rather than going by coloring you should just use the schematic to verify the pinning. I can help but you’ve gotta help me help you first. Six wires that connect to what?