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Really enjoyed reading about other people's guitars. You guys have a great site--real helpful and entertaining!! I would be interested in hearing about your amp collections. Thanks! Here's mine:
'64 Fender Bassman Head-- 4x 12 Ampeg Cab
Marshall JTM-30- 1x12 combo
Mesa Boogie Studio 22pre-Biamp-Boogie 1x12 cab
Traynor Mark2- 2x12 combo
Traynor Guitarmate-1x12 combo
Traynor Bassmate-1x15 combo
70's Crate in real crate- 1x12 combo
Carvin X100-B Head-- 4X12 Park cab
1947 Gibson BR-6- 1x8 combo
Sunn 1200sx Head--Traynor 6x10 cab
Ampeg V4 head-- 4x10 homemade cab
60's Silvertone head--1x12 tom drum cab
Fender 100Bass Head- 1x15 bass drum cab
Silverface Fender Champ
Current favorites are Traynor 2x12 combo--sounds better than a blackface twin--you can find them cheap! Next favorite is Marshall
Rock On--Happy Hollidaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!
65 watt Ross guitar amp
I bought this about 10 months ago. Of that 10 months, it's been in the shop for 8. I keep blowing speakers in it. It sounds really good for the price. Great reverb and distortion. I'm not really sure of the age, but it looks like it's been through hell and back.

15 watt Fender Sidekick guitar amp
I bought this on an impulse buy for 50$. It looks mid 80's. When did they stop making the black face version of this amp? I know now the only Sidekick they sell is a cheaper Squire version. It sounds really good for 50's style songs. Distortion on this amp is kinda gross though. I haven't really picked at it yet. But i'm assuming that it's solid state.

10 watt StarFire guitar amp
This was my first amp. It's about the site of a sheet of paper. I used to use this to jam along with drums (actually quite loud when cranked). I used this on alot of my older recordings. Great raunchy sound.

10 watt Kay guitar amp (1970's)
I bought this from a freind for $1 because it didn't work. I took it home and put a 25 cent fuse in it and it worked fine. He used it as a bass amp for a while so it sounds really horrible now. It has 3 inputs/vibreto/tone and the face plate is missing. THe vibreto sounds really cool but the amp has a constant subtle fuzz/buzz sound to it. I'd love to find some of these in good condition

10 watt Samick LA10 guitar amp
I bought this just too keep in my living room so i could practice while watching tv and stuff. But to my suprise with the right settings and my Big Muff PI pedal this thing gets great tone. I've used it for recording a few times. A great starter amp.

80 watt Yorkville Bloc80b bass amp
This thing is friggin indestructable. Since i've bought it it's been dropped, knocked, bumped and it's still going strong. Once, the day before a gig, my guitar amp died (the Ross) and we had to use this for guitar and holy crap! it sounded great. This amp is great for getting Black Sabbath tones. It's the toughest amp i've ever plugged into. It's a Canadian company too which is kinda suprising. This same company made Traynor amps.

50 watt bass amp made out of some big speakers and an old stereo.
This thing kicks ass! Cost me literally 6$ to build.
$3 for the 8-track stereo from the 70's
$1 for the big speakers from a fire auction
$2 for the 1/4 inch jack to replace the mic jack that was in the stereo.

You wouldn't belive how good this thing actually sounds. Great for guitar too. We had a party gig in our basement once that we got a few funny looks for it but it kicks. I use this for recording when i want a really great 70's style fuzz sound.

I still haven't dropped the $$$ for my dream amp, a Marshall stack. But heck i'm only young. I'll get once before i'm 25. hehe.
I've got a Peavey 2-12 Special and a Peavey 6-Channel P.A. (if that counts).. other than that, I've got the POD, which is explains why I don't have more guitar amps. In the past, I've had an Ampeg V-4, an Ampeg VT-40, a Marshall Stack with a 100 watt head, a Fender Twin, a Standell Acoustic with 4-12's, and a few "off-brands" that I can't remember the name of. Some of them were pretty strange in design, like the one that had eight, 8 inch speakers in it. Most of the wierd ones I had were from the 60's and 70's... strange days, indeed.
mrbellyache: I knew you must be from Canada with that Yorkville Sound/Traynor stuff..
My first amp was a small traynor block amp, good stuff.

Knew there had to be some other Canadians on here somewhere...

Well, I don't have much of an amp collection. All I have is a Crate vintage club 50W tube head with 2 4x10 cabinets.
I only have one amp, but it is a beauty. I have a Fender silverface deluxe reverb that my dad bought me when I first started playing. Here is the best part. I've had people offer me 3,000 for it and my dad picked it up for $150. Believe me, the sound you get from this amp is worth $3,000.
All these amps sound great!
( Believe me I'm an original Gear-Whore!!!)
I've owned most of them. Few favorites, though...
Peavey Renown 212: Mid 80's with 2ohm speakers 300 watts RMS, Parametric mids, about 2 tons! weight and the loudest amp I have ever played!! When I was in high school I owned this amp and played a show at the local (but huge like 40 acres!) park. The next neighborhood over called the cops but they were already there!! And my amp was only on 5! This amp could get the cops called from atleast 1/2 mile away!!
Rack Rig with Digitech 2101LE and e.q. and 250 watt power amp.: This was my rack rig for along time, but now serves as a reverb and monitor unit for my 4-track.
Carvin 100 watt XB head: Someone had this head worked on because it has a rare EL34 output (4) configuration and 5 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp. This is a hot-rodded Marshall! Iget the best tone out of this amp because the gain is usable. For those gain maniacs out there try putting your gain on 7 instead of 10 and playing. WOW! clarity and punch and rythmic dynamics instead of sonic soup! Trust me....

So I just plug in now, and play.