All of a sudden I can't record silence?


New member
I have been using cool edit 2.0 for years, however, recently someone who I share this workstation with keeps changing a setting that I cannot seem to find how to turn on and off...

So what happens is when I begin a recording, it looks normal, but... as soon as I talk, it deletes any empty space before that talking began and only records from then on.

It frustrates me to no end. I know it's just a preference, but it drives me up the wall, and even more so because I've spent about an hour searching menus and toggle boxes looking for what could cause or prevent this? I know at least one of the people using this station knows how to turn it off, because it usually is. But about every other week for the last month or so it's back to working the way I described.

I've attempted messing with "auto cue" and instant record/timed record and nothing will just allow me to hit record and have it save silence or room noise until a loud sound or speaking happens... and even then it cuts the very start of that first sound off...