All-in-one Digital Piano / MIDI controller / Mixing Board?


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I'm looking at MIDI controllers that look like keyboards, looking at full size digital pianos for performance, and looking at control boards with customizable knobs and faders... and I'm like why not combine all these for the ultimate piece of hardware for recording and performance?

Wondering if anyone has a solid recommendation for a piece of gear that:
- Has a quality full size keyboard with weighted keys
- Can be plugged into an amp or PA or can be plugged into interface or computer for MIDI
- BONUS: has sliders/faders/buttons that can preferable be customized in a DAW (I use Reaper)

I'm looking for a high quality lifetime purchase, so the budget is relatively high. Is there anything out there like this?

rob aylestone

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Sadly - you have no hope of a single product. They're all so different.

If you want the 'best' sound for recording it will not be a digital piano, it will almost certainly be virtual instruments created inside a computer. On stage, many people will not risk a computer, while others do - so you tend to see all kinds of personal favourites. If you use reaper, most controller keyboards will work. Although I have a swissonic 88 note with loads of sliders, buttons, pads and knobs, I now use a Kontakt master keyboard as I have so many Kontakt instruments in the studio.

Everyone has their own favourite setups, but NONE of them are a lifetime purchase. You will love whatever you have until the next wonderful one is designed and then you'll want to swap. This is normal. I have one friend who bought a keyboard for stage use in 1986 and he still uses it. He is a dinosaur, it's simply awful by modern standards and is worn out having travelled the world.

If you want something primarily for stage - Nords have become extremely popular, but already have gone through quite a few models. I really don't think there is a product that you'd use for everything. Watch some of the Rick Wakeman videos to see his keyboard collection and note how there never seems to be one that does everything.

Others will certainly have other keys they really love - but I suspect what's popular on stage isn't the one they have in the studio. I'm not a proper pianist, but have 5 different keyboards that all do slightly different jobs.


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Yamaha MODX8 or Montage both do everything you ask but be aware it is only a 4 channel interface. Way powerful sequencer , amazing sounds and it's a yamaha. Kelly Clarkson's keyboard player on her show plays one. I have the MODX8 and barely scratch the surface of it's capabilities but I love it.

Here's a link to some info on the recording part of it...