Alesis SR18 and Zoom20 question


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When producing content with the ZoomR20 we are provided a click track count-in for our projects. I am considering acquiring an SR18drum machine and study has shown me when building patterns and song drum tracks in the SR18 we are provided a click track count-in. My question is how do I integrate the SR18 click count-in on my ZoomR20 project click count-in?


I do not have these exact products but I do something that is similar. Here's how I approach it:

1. I enable the click track on the recording device (the equivalent to your Zoom R20) and set the BPM
2. I set the SR-18 to the same BPM.
3. I arm the recording device.
4. I hit record.
5. After the count-in of the recording device, I kick off the drum machine.
6. I record as much as I need.
7. I hit stop when done.

Now I have two count-in's. I just ignore the one from the recording device and then pay attention to the subsequent drum machine count-in instead.