Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine User Patterns


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All is well with the preset functions but I am having difficulty copying from the preset patterns to the user patterns.

The copying function is fine but if you turn off the mains to the machine and then turn it on again, the user copy has disappeared.

Does this machine not keep user pattern changes permanently?


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How are your skills at fixing/repairing gear? If SR-16 is a bit old, the coin battery that retains the patterns in memory may need replacing and unfortunately to make it more challenging the original battery is of a soldered in type. I've had my SR-16 since 1992 and I think some where along the way I changed out the battery for this very reason. The batteries last a long time, but not forever.


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This thread is of interest to me as well, as I recently bought a brand new Alesis SR16. If, in fact the drum machine the OP is using is an older type, I could imagine the coin battery as a potential problem that you described. As mine is a new one, will I have the same problem possibly eventually with having to replace the battery like you mentioned, Arcaxis? Anyway, I hope the OP gets his issue resolved, and I am very interested to see the solution. Good luck Bobgill!