Alesis 3630 Compressor


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I'm looking for a decent compressor right now and eBay currently has about fifty 3630s for sale, all for way below suggested retail price. Am I missing something here? Alesis is a reputable company, so I can't imagine that these things suck that bad. Are they all gonna melt down at 12:01 on Jan. 1st or what? I am also considering the NanoCompressor. I found their Nonoverb to be a great unit for the price. Comments?
My first compressor/gate was a dbx 266 (about the same quality and price range of a 3630). It was great for my first compressor. I now use it on the main out of my Mackie 1604VLZ-PRO in my live roll rack for my band's live performances. Although, The RNC is probably the best "first compressor" out there to buy right now. I haven't heard one myself, but a lot of people who have quite a few compressors already, still buy RNCs to add to their various sounding compressor racks.