akg 414 tl


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while comparing mics at both the at and akg sites i noticed that theres a 414 tl that's designed specifically for vox. has anyone used this mic? is it worth the money ( i haven't found a price on this yet. is it more? less?) from other posts (i think Silent responded)and users it seems to come down to the 414, at4033 and at4050. though i know there's a big price difference. sometimes it's better just to spend the cash now instead of in the long run.
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I know that not many people mention it, but the AKG C4000B smokes. It has mega presence and sounds great.

As far as the 414 tl, what it looks like they have done with that mic is boost some of the mid-range frequencies where most vocals are. The problem with buying this mic is that you may be limited to vocal recording. Unless you have an arsenal of mics, you might want to get a nice mic that can be used for mulitple applications.

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