AKAI users - DPS16 and DPS24


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Who's using these units? I have a DPS16 that gets used all the time (along with my ASUS PC setup) and am thinking of picking up an older DPS24. I have yet to see a dedicated unit that even approaches these for quality, design and sound. Nobody is making this stuff at all, unless you get into the over $5K market and then you still have to play geek to get stuff working right. Any thoughts?akaiDPS24.gif.jpg
Well, I use the DPS12i which is the baby of the family. I love it. Because I come from a cassette based portastudio background (8 track), the 12i is ideal for me. I love the virtual track system although 238 is kind of excessive ! On my 8 track, if I've only got one track left and the final piece is a complex or difficult instumental run, I'm going to have difficulty with it. But on the Akai, even if I only have one of the playable 12 left, then I can use 11 virtuals to put together the one track. Little things like that are useful.
I know the 16 and the 24 leave the 12i way behind. In the last 18 or so months, I've tracked, in part, 80 or more songs on the 12i. I love the editing and what's interesting is that having anticipated a really clinical sound, it really is not that way at all.
The only thing I wish it had was the capacity to reverse the data. But I'm always on the lookout for a second one just in case......
It's a travesty that AKAI had to pull out of the market when it had the best product in the business1
I'm glad I came across it. I got mine on ebay in 2005 and I elected to go and collect it. The guy I picked it up from said he had to be gone by 5 so I picked up the kids from nursery and made a mad dash from North west to South east London and made it with a minute to spare. But it was worth it. I think the DPS range are immense. I know Dogbreath has the 24 and like Rami on his Tascam 24 track, gets the most fantastic recordings out of it. I know the standalones are the minority party in HR, but so long as they are about, they're what I'll use.
Funny thing, I remember Akai speakers from the 70s. They've long been an impressive outfit.

I've had my 24 for about 8 or 9 years. Rock solid (knocks on wood :) ) and the only time I've had an issue with it was when I was replacing the HD with a bigger one, went to power up and........nothing.......:(
I forgot to plug it back in. :o

:laughings: (imaboob)

But yeah, the onboard pre's are pretty damned good. I heard one dude at another forum say that you'd have to spend about $500 each to get pre's that good and the DPS 24 has 12 of em.
The effects and EQ are all very useable. A little tweaking and you're golden.

Too bad Akai bailed on these. The best damned board I've ever used.

A good place to hear from DPS users is a place called DPS World...something about "vibe studio" I think, if you wanna google it.

Still on the lookout for a good used one. It'd suck to learn a whole new platform.

Good luck TreeDude :D