Akai S2000 with Iomega Zip 100 drive - drive models?


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For those out there who have Zip 100 drives attached to Akai samplers, can you tell me the difference between the various models of the drive? I'm considering a replacement, but I'm seeing Zip 100 drives with P2, S2, and Pro designations. Any caveats or recommendations? Thanks
On the other hand, I might want to attach a SCSI HDD if I can figure out how to do it. Or a CD drive, like this Yamaha. It's a question of 1) powering it, 2) attaching with the right adapter, and 3) making it recognizable to the S2000 (formatting it). If anyone is using a HDD or a read/write CD drive CD.jpgHDD.jpg , can you send me some pictures of your setup? [FYI: I'm an old-timer who put all this on hold in the 90s, and now have some time and lots of old equipment on basement shelves and want to 'get back to it'. It makes me sad at how much I've forgotten...]
Iomega Zip initially was SCSi for SCSI type connection , as also the JAZ (1GB)
but also with "serial" type port interface to connect to the printer port of the PC,
for facilitate who have PC Windows based computer, and that "serial" type connector port ,
the Zip drive was produced also with the IDE interface type ,
it became available to be installed in the front panel of the PC
(and Mac too ...)

subsequently when USB interface arrived and began to be present on the computers as standard equipment
Iomega produced the external model with USB connection ,
with also more memory avalable on the cartridges ,
100 mb apart as in oprigin ,
the new cartridges have 250 and 750 mb ,

for the Akai S2000 sampler (and other model of samplers with compatible interface)
apart a standard Scsi Hard Drive not removable ,

think also to the Magneto Optical type drive with removable cartridges (much more reliable than Zip...),
with Scsi interface ,

check what size (mb) of the cartridges are supported by the S2000 sampler ,
because the Magneto Optical cartridges can be found with also 240 , 640 mb , etc...
to format them appropriately (blocks size) for the S2000 ,
check the S2000 manual about .