AKAI PRO MPK 249 // Good or Bad for Beginners?


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I know nothing about music recording. But, I would like to get started. Is the AKAI PRO MPK 249 good for beginners? I'm thinking whether I should get this or M-Audio Axiom 49 MIDI Keyboard Controller or Keylab 49? The AKAI PRO has a built-in pads, so I'm siding towards those, but...as I said...I don't know anything. Please. Give me your opinions or preferences. :)


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I think pads in keyboards are kinda shit. The mpks prolly the best but theyll be quite stiff, its a good keyboard but I think id maybe look at the nektar impakt or wait for the behringer motor...the first has mapping for most daws and integrates well...the later is the first to have motorised faders...both have eight pads, theyre both much cheaper for 61 or 49 keys

Tbh a seperate pad controller is a better idea