Akai MPK49 + Sonar 8 = headach


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Will someone please explaine to me how to work this out. I have never used midi before. I can't even get the mpk49 to work in the midi editor that came with the unit (Vyzex). In Vyzex it has an auto sense which is not seeing the controller. In sonar 8.5 producer, I have been able to assign the slider and fader, but it did not save. The next morning when I opened Sonar, the assignments were lost, and now I can not ever re-assign the sliders or faders.

Much less can I use the midi keyboard to trigger notes or use the pads to trigger drum sounds.

I have been recording for awhile now, so I know the basics.

I use a pc, Sonar 8.5 DAW, M-Audio Pre USB, Akai MPK49 midi controller (Not Working).:confused:
I had mucho problems using an Akai MPK49 via USB at the same time as a MIDIsport8x8 USB interface. To the point I ditched the Akai USB connection and went to RS and bought a 6-volt/1-amp wall-wart power supply.

I did manage to get it to work---intermittantly. Whether everything got recognized at boot-up of Sonar was dependent upon the sequence that I powered everything up.

For starters, I would unplug the M-Audio pre and see if you can get Vyzex to recognize the Akai. Another problem I had using Vyzex was it couldn't be open the same time that Sonar was open because I would get an error saying the app was already in use by another program. Pretty lame huh? So you have to set up your controllers in one or the other. Sonar will save your setup but I never tried that aspect. I just saved the setup on the Akai itself and revert to that setting when I switch synths.

To get it recognized in Sonar go to Options > Controllers/surfaces and click on the little yellow star-looking button to the right of the controllers list and add a "Cakewalk Generic Controller" from the drop-down menu that appears. Next select the Akai MIDI input and output ports as your I/O.

Next, still in the "controllers" window, click on the MIDI devices button on the lower right hand side. You should see the MPK I/O listed in the options. Check the ones you want to use.

Now, most likely you will have to close out of Vyzex in order to use the MPK49 and the M-Audio pre at the same time in Sonar, due to the "app already in use" issue previously mentioned.

Save your settings in Sonar, close it out, and then plug in the M-Audio and fire it up. Make sure the Akai is still plugged in too.

Now open Sonar again and open a project and check to see if it is recognizing both the M-Audio and the Akai. It may take a few tries.
Thanks c7sus,

I'm thinking about getting an interface with midi in/out, think that would help, or maybe a new daw? If so what interface or daw, I don't have a large pile of cash but I have some. Could spend maybe 500$