Akai MPD218 work with OS 10.6 snow leopard?


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So I use mostly 10.6 but have duel boot for El Capitan as well but prefer 10.6 as I use garage band and it has all the instruments I need already. I record singer songwriter stuff and just need a pad or small keys to trigger and record some bongos or cajon. I tried to contact the manufacturer but they ask for a serial number which i don’t have as I haven’t purchased anything yet. I’m looking at the MOD217 and the small MKP 3 ( I think it’s called ) as I just need to do basic bongos and cajon for my songs. I am wondering if I need to get an older model used. My only concern with that is I have read others have not been able to download stuff because the previous owner already did and now they cannot. Any help please !!!