AKAI MG14D tapes-anyone have them for sale please?


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I wanted to let anybody know that is interested that I am selling BRAND NEW AKAI MK20J cassettes.

Just search for AKAI MK20J Audio Cassettes sealed and you should find what you are looking for. I cant post links since I need 9 other posts to do so.

You can also PM me and I will be able to send you the links that way.
Both of them are Brand New. One of them is a box of 10 sealed and the other is a single tape.
I have more that will be auctioned that are in perfect condition. Please take a look if your interested.


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Tapes for AKAI mg14d.

Hi All
Do you have any of the AKAI 2020 tapes left for the AKAI MG14D for sale please?

Hi paul, i just seen this , i have 13 of the MJ20 tapes , each recorded on Once for live multitrack gigs, i have them stored in a Dry room for 5 years and still perfect,.i have erased the recordings ,.if your interested,.cheers.ted.