Akai MG1212


Pain in the ass
I've got a 100% working, super clean MG1212 12 track for sale. It includes 15 tapes, factory stand and a vinyl cover. $400 plus shipping (sucker is BIG).
+1 for these Akais machines..!. My friend had one that I produced a project for him on..I actually locked the Akai and two Adats in sync together..The Akai sounds very good..!.The mixer section is top notch.
004.jpgHere's a pic. I'm pretty sure if I packed it right it would be slightly over 100lbs. I was in the music retail biz when these came out. They were $9,995. Sold one to Aerosmith to do demos.
I have an MG614 that's in mint physical condition (retail packaging) but has a tape playback speed fault.
I replaced the mechablock which fixed it but the fault came back shortly afterwards.

The replacement block came from a gx52 for £15, so they can still be had for cheap.

Could be an easy fix for someone, or could just be useful as a mixer.
Wouldn't be looking much to get rid of it.

Sorry if this is an uncool highjack.