Akai MG-614 pictures.

Hey all,
I thought I'd share some pics of my Akai MG-614.

I was looking for help with an erratic tape speed issue ages ago and couldn't get to the bottom of it but, with help, recently found it was all down to a single faulty transistor.

I'm pleased to say this machine now operates as well as it looks. :)

Here you go.

IMG_0226 copy.jpgIMG_0230 copy.jpgIMG_0234 copy.jpgIMG_0242 copy.jpgIMG_0245.jpgIMG_0245 copy.jpg
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famous beagle

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I'd never heard of this machine before. It's crazy how many super robust cassette machines there were (like the Audio Technica RMX64, which I had at one point) back in the day.

I didn't read all the info. Do the two XLR inputs have phantom power?
It seems to be very highly regarded. I actually sold it yesterday for £310!

No, sadly the XLR inputs don't have phantom power.
I'm not sure what the point of those 2 xlr inputs is.
Could channels 1-4 be TS input mic pres?

famous beagle

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Nice sale! Yeah that was the crazy thing about the Audio Technica AT-RMX 64: It had 6 channels, all with XLR inputs (as well as 1/4" of course) with phantom power on every channel. It's the only 4-track cassette recorder I know of that had phantom power. (There may be others, but I haven't heard of/seen them yet.)
It's a strange old thing. I mean, there's no reason not to have it on a mains powered unit.
You've got me panicking now. I know there's no 48v cos I tested it with a meter, but I never looked at the manual. :facepalm:


Hello, I found one of this last week, the thing sounds quite well, trully impressed...
after fixing the idler tire, everything it is fine.
The is no so much info out there about this machines, so any info or advise would be great.
thanks anyway
Hi Dreverb.
I never got a copy of the service manual - Only a SM for a different AKAI unit which shares the same mechablock.
What do you need?
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hey thanks for the quick response! I would love to know how to take the transport out for changing belts and clean...
Maybe I can help? I'd have to refresh my own memory. :p

I did replace the entire mechablock in mine - It wasn't too hard.

If you remove the plastic sides, the the top/back metal panelling, then the red armrest and it's metal panel (last), you can get a better idea of where to start.
That should reveal the screws for the transport/meters which you can then remove.

Any deeper than that I can't remember off the top of my head but if you can't work it out, post some pics please. :)
Sorry - My memory let me down and I updated the post.
I never had the proper service manual. :(

I you have issues with the actual tape unit and its circuitry, try the GX52 service manual.
The block is the same and circuitry is similar.

A few other akai tape players used that same block - BLM300.
Sorry, no. I don't know anything about that. I'd expect it to be in the GX52 manual though, which I was able to find online.

Top tip....eject the tape and remove the plastic cover before disassembly.
You have to remove the plastic cover while the tape deck is open. ;)


yes, i discover that aftera looong looong time looking at it. i don´t want to break anything hahahaha. I could even change the idler tire but, thats all. There is a lot of connectors and wires linked...
Yeah, that's right. I think there were a few ribbons for the meter/transport section, below the transport under that panel with the head headphone jacks?

You can carefully unplug any ribbons like that. If I recall, that whole transport circuit board has wires disappearing in to the main body of the unit.
There should be enough flex to just raise it up and over and lie it flat on the main controls, out of your road.

The power supply is directly below the transport so 1: Be careful and 2: don't touch any bare contacts on the back with that back panel off.
There will be big capacitors in there holding a charge.

If in doubt either don't touch, or keep one hand in your pocket.