Akai M8


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Found one locally. Tape transport is rough. Pinch roller shot, missing most knobs, lots of rust, etc. It appears to be the most recent version.

Inside, the elelctronics look great. The tube pres that seem sought-after look really good. Damn thing is full of bugs though. Some kind of beatle. (Maybe I can say the "Beatles" used it). :laughings:

Anyway, I think this one is a candidate to pull the pres and rack them. Tried to carefully spray a bit for the bugs, then sealed it up in a bag. I'll wait a few days then vacuum it out really well.

I have a vision of using it as a front end to my Nagra IV-S. Not that the Nagra pres aren't awesome, but it might give a more Ampex-y vibe to an otherwise clean recorder. Nice tube front end into a great tape transport.

Anyone mess with racking something like this?