AKAI LPK25 = major headache!


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I have mainly used a M-audio Oxygen 61 for controlling the synths in my MacBook Pro Intel DuoCore, OSX 10.6.7, blah, blah. I don't ever have any problems with it being recognized in Garageband, or Reason 4. I also run Parallels and Win XP for Cubase 5. Again, very few probs! I bought this handy dandy little Akai LPK25 so I could throw it in my backpack for note-padding musical ideas 3 months ago and I have YET to be able to utilize it! To pour salt in my wound, I took it back into Guitar Center yesterday cause I was just frustrated enough and the Mac guy behind the counter hooked it up, opened up Garageband and it worked INSTANTLY!! I have a ghost in my house preventing it's use within these walls, apparently. He agreed that there was some probs with Reason and Cubase recognizing it, tho. Sooooo, here's my question.

I am definitely putting this little demon on e-bay and might even include a bottle of Advil to the lucky auction winner because I think they're gonna need it. But, what are some other good laptop sized midi controllers that are cheap??? I don't want to spend more that $100 when all is said and done AND I want it to work!!!

Thanks in advance!
shit...I have an LPK and have used it countless times with no problems...

The only other that portable is the korg which is shit, but a new version is coming out...maybe look into that and see if they addressed the problems with the first one??