Akai LPD8 or Ableton Launch Pad


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Hey guys,

Im thinking about making some beats and some techno songs. Ive been looking at the Akai LDP8 and the Launch Pad. I like how small the Akai is. But it seems like the launch pad has a little bit more options. I will probably be using garageband or ableton live.
The launch pad by novation is more for launching clips in ableton. Yes you can play beats with it, but unless you are preforming live, or just dont like clicking your mouse a bunch, it is not necessary. I own the LPD8 an it is great for the money! The pads are nice, it has different programs and presets you can save to it, and it has 8 knobs (which the launch pad doesnt). If all you want to do is punch out beats, I say go with the LPD8.