Akai GX400D-SS Slow RWD & FF.


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Hey there, I've got a real nice Akai GX-400D-SS but lately it has started to have an issue with RWD & FF. Whether 7" or 10" reels.
Seems to start for second then comes to a complete stop. I've read many posts on it and tried several fixes to no avail. If I don't load
any tape reels I can stop the reel table with my hand. Really no force at all. So far I have cleaned and lubed evertything as well installed
new motor caps 4uf @ 260V and checked all voltages on System Control board as per service manual. Am I missing something simple.
Any help or comments greatly appreiciated. FYI - will play fine in either forward or reverse at any speed.

thanks to all.


My Teac was doing this, but it was down to the tape going bad and gunking up the tape path.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes I did cover that one off too. Working with Memorex so far. Clean the heads and tape path after every tape.