Akai GX 265D & Akai 4000DS Reel To Reel Tape Decks


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Hi Guys,

I have a Yamaha AX400 amp, Yamaha CD Player CD - S300 with USB support, JVC analogue 14 band Graphic equaliser & realistic Reverb unit and an Akai GX-265D & a Akai 4000DS all the equipment is connected using phono leads. The tape decks play back without a problem. I have been trying to record from a memory stick connected to the CD Player sadly to no joy, the recording is very faint with a lot of hiss. I tried connecting the Tape decks direct to the amp by-passing the graphic & the reverb unit still no joy, the recording can barely be heard. I recorded from a cheap mp3 player & listened thru head phones the recording is outstanding. The problem arises when connected to the home hi-fi. When the Source/Tape button is on source the VU meters start registering but nothing can be recorded. When the Source/Tape button is switched to Tape position the Recording volume has to be at maximum & as mentioned earlier, the recording is atrocious. It's the same story on both decks!! I have all the possible Source/Tape combinations on the Reverb unit, Amp, Graphic & the tape decks! Where am I going wrong? Can anyone out there please help.