Akai 1710w schematic question


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I am refurbishing the amp section of this unit. I have replaced the electrolytics and some key power resistors. I have come across one resistor that reads 6.8k (blue, grey, red) but the schematic says 68k (resistor 19).

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.49.32.png

Can anyone confirm which resistor value that should be?

Also, any other advice about what this unit needs would be much appreciated. It's a working unit. I've cleaned the transport, replaced the A/C cord, as well as all the caps in the rats nest of a layout. I would really love to have a perf board made up for this unit; how nice would that be!


Thank you for your help!

Parts list shows a 6.8KΩ 1/4w (R19) which I would tend to agree with.

33,000Ω(R20) + 6,800Ω(R19) = 39800Ω

Current through R20 + R19 = 250v / 39800Ω = 6.28ma

Voltage across the 6800kΩ (R19) with 6.28ma flowing through it = 6800Ω x 6.28ma = 42v, which is just a bit higher than the 33v denoted on the schematic. The load of the circuit this voltage divider supplies would maybe bring it down closer to 33 volts.
A resistor of 68kΩ would not give a voltage division needed.


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