Akai 1710 - schematic?


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Anyone have a copy of the schematic for an Akai 1710 reel to reel?

I'm pulling one apart for parts, and using the amp inside as a preamp/stereo/ipod dock/guitar amp. The mic preamp seems to be discreet transistors and the playback seems to be all tube but it's all point to point and a bit tricky to work everything out. I've got it running (and sounding pretty awesome!) with input straight to each side of the 12at7, but would be interested to see what else I can work out with the mic preamps.

The 2 preamp boards have a really amazing hardware switch on them that switches about 15 different contacts at the SAME TIME and it's a bit of a headache working out what is what.

If I can't use them then it doesn't matter, I'll just go all tube hehe

No Schematic

This may be very late to reply but i do have the manual but it does not include any type of schematic. Sorry. I you want any other info from the manual, let me know. There is nothing really revealing in it, you can figure most out just by playing using the recorder.
did you ever get this worked out?
i found one of the same units and was thinking of doing the same but i am entry level mr fix it when it comes to electronics and esp those with high voltage.
could use some guidance .. thanks