Age - when does it become a problem?

Age- when does it become a problem? for the listeners or us making the noise? lol

Age as a Listener..
I dont care to see 70 or 80 yr olds because its their "last death tour".....I saw them maybe when they were 20, youthful and great. Great memory why ruin it by seeing McCartney in a wheel chair singing Yesterday? Im not a fan of the "death tour" excitement to "see them before they die!!!" tours.

Age as a Problem? Ability..
Hearing ability, tinnitus etc....would be a "problem" in old age. Ability .....ok thats a problem. Who wants to pay someone to master their songs if you are 90yrs old?
what did Lou Holtz say...Ability determines what you can do, Motivation determines what you choose to do, and Attitude determines how well you do it.
something like that.... so yeah ABILITY could be thwarted by age if you mean ears are working well or is it maybe the Attitude to new music isnt there?

Ironic life is...when I was 15 i was 100% excited but had no cash or time! Now as an old fart theres more time and money and no "mojo" for it for myself, let alone making someone else suffer through my visual. I guess being a Engineer the visual doesnt matter, most are blob bodys and look worn out but thats cool for a engineer, they arent on stage with their shirts off. thank god for that!

Hail Hail Rock n Roll...deliver me from the days of old! - dead Chuck Berry