Advise Me On My Mix(es) Please!


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I'm very new to mixing. I'm working on mixing a friend's pop music project and was hoping to get some constructive feedback on the first two mixes I've been working on.

Genre: Dream pop (if you hate this genre that's alright, I'm looking for technical feedback!)

Set Up: Penniless student in bedroom with cheap monitors, so I'm expecting mediocre quality but I'm trying

Goal: These tracks will be released eventually, but for a small established fan base. Ideally they'll be commercial-ish quality at a basic level when they're done. We want listenable pop, for people who we already know like her and her previously released music.

If you could please listen to one, or both of the tracks, and let me know any of the following:

1. What stands out as irritating to you as a listener (mix wise)? Does anything hit you in the face as being really annoying on the technical side of the song(s)?

2. Do any parts sound too loud/quiet? Does this bother you as a listener? Some bits sound too loud on my monitor headphones, but fine on monitors/everywhere else so I'm at a loss.

3. How do you feel about the frequency balance? Too bassy/too much high-end? What about the overall balance? Too wide/narrow?

4. What would you do personally to improve the mix?

5. Anything you would do in the mastering process to improve the tracks that I could pass on to the dude who's gonna master them?


Thank you in advance. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated. As I said, I'm an amateur with a crappy setup so we're not striving for perfection here, just listenable pop.


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While not the type of music that I would normally throw into the CD player, they aren't badly mixed. There is some inconsistency between the two tracks. The first one was a bit shy on deep bottom, while the second had plenty. Not sure if it was intended that way. The mastering guy may make a few adjustment there.

I would up the vocal a bit on the second one, not a lot, but sometimes it was lost in the mix. If this is the singer's work, you want her to be heard.

Overall, I think they are pretty good.

Nikhil Joshua

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the mix sounds good but the volume is low maybe a RMS Comp on the mix channel would bring it up. I like the vocals and instruments. But I would add a little more reverb to the trumpets and horns. I'm by no means a professional these are just my honest opinions. But on the whole is a cool mix. Master guy might fix the loudness issue.

Coming to second song, personally I would keep the snare in the center and roll off low freq but it's your wish. The delay on the vocal chorus is too distracting you can duck it with sidechaining and a some stereo separation on the delay would add some excitement. You should take care of loudness and dynamic range of the song. But it's a good start. Again these are my personal opinion they might be wrong but you can give it a try though.