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Hey all, new here. First off please remove if I've posted in the wrong place but this seems to be the most appropriate.

Moved into a new house and basement is unfinished - planning on finishing it over the year. Plan is to use some of it for a home studio/jam space. I'm not a professional and this is pretty much a hobby and my bands will be using to rehearse and track demos etc.. That being said, just looking for advice on placement of my desk in the room. The Red X is pretty much out of question as far as useable space goes but just highlighting the possible standing waves that would travel that way. Out of the three spots (orange boxes) where should I place my desk/studio monitors. I will have acoustic treatment/bass traps etc. I'm also open to moving the desk to the opposite side. Whatever side is unused will be used for a home theater/lounge area. Thanks!

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35x17 is a luxury for home recording. Nice.

I would forgo the vocal booth. Better to have a more open space than a boxy-sounding box. If that were my space, I'd probably leave the desk where you have it and put the home theatre on the far wall.


Nice size space man! Similar to mine. How high is the ceiling? Is it open and unfinished? Ductwork?

My input/suggestions as follow:

Forget the vocal booth. You are better off using the room to record vocals. Only some acoustic treatment you can make part of the decor of the other half.

Place your desk in center of the left wall to left of the corner you proposed. Off the wall a few feet if possible. Always best to be symmetrical in a mixing space between monitors. Plus it will look better in the lounge/theater room.

Bass traps behind the desk in corners and appropriate acoustic panels in the right spots. As to the unfinished question, you could do a lot with the ceiling to help solve a lot of issues.

Last question is budget? You could do a bunch of good things here, or you can just be adequate for your needs. There are highly qualified people that design rooms for a living that are worth every penny. If you have the extra pennies.. And then there are people like us who have researched and have good sounding rooms, but are just giving advice from what has worked for us.

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Thanks for the feedback!

The ceiling is unfinished, there's ductwork etc. They're pretty low unfortunately in some areas. I can take some pictures. As far as budget goes I don't have one in mind. First thing is to get flooring and walls etc done, and then go from there. I have all the gear I need ( not want haha) but the orientation and placement is where I am/was struggling. I'd love to go to a designer but we'll probably be in this place for about 10 or so years before going to a permanent place where I'd invest in a designer. For now forums like these are more than helpful! I have my stuff there right now in the unfinished spot and will start moving stuff around and take some pics. If you have any ideas how i should go about with the ceilings let me know!

Thanks again!


Yes, forget the 'vocal booth', and build a wall across that space (with door of course) all the way to the 'low headroom space' so you have a 17'x35' rectangle room.

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I would advise to place the table and monitors at the opposite side of the room, there in my opinion you can get a more concentrated sound on the output, which will be less scattered around the room, especially since you already have the materials to treat the acoustics of the room and bass traps. For vocals I would also advise, like others, not to rush with the vocal booth, and try an acoustic screen or just choose a corner where the singer will be and treat it with absorbing materials. But it's still hard to advise anything more specific remotely. I think that the best result you can achieve only by trial and error.