Advice on setup for voice over work


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Hi folks,

I've done a few audio books now and recently upgraded my equipment, however, with this newer equipment, I am finding it difficult to get the setup right. I've previous used an AmazonBasics condenser, and then a Rode Procaster (Dynamic) mic, both were great and the "darker" tone worked well, however I was advised that the NT1-A would be a better choice for narration, so I've got that and a UMC22 interface. The issue I'm finding is the mic is picking up my saliva noises a heck of a lot more, and I find it unpleasant compared to the rounded, deeper tone I had in the Procaster. I could change back but wanted some advice first, if anyone can help? I've attached a little clip from a book using this setup

Thanks for reading!


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You get obsessed with this. I dont know if there is an answer. The more you hear, the more you want to perfect it and remove it. I am down to the faintest of noises only audible through headphones with the volume high. It drives me nuts.