Adobe Audition Oddities

Michael Stone

New member
Hi All...

I can't find anything anywhere else of the web, so I thought I'd pop in here....

Adobe Audition 3.01 .... For some reason when I go to import files in the Multitrack view they are not appearing in the left hand pane (yes it is on files) ... However if I just try to import with a drag and drop directly in the tracks of the project they show up.

Well I will deal with so many files that having them appear/display in the pane view is NECESSARY. Any ideas on this?

ALSO, recently, my HYBRID tool (R) no longer appears in the EDIT window though it does show in the multitrack window.

I'm thinking I've hit something by accident. Anyone got an y ideas?

Appreciate any help. It's slowed down my production time significantly. Old dog doesn't like change ... :cool:

~Michael Stone~ (hoping this is the email I registered with/not sure)